Welcome to our registration site!  the Darkhorse North Wash Canyon Rendezvous is proudly organized and hosted by Darkhorse Leadership and Retreats!

During our canyoneering rendezvous, we will spend several days descending great canyons, eating delicious hearty meals, and meeting amazing people. The canyons of the North Wash are considered "nature's playground". Come rappel down sheer walls, scramble up slick rock, down climb dark chambers, shimmy through skinny slots, wade through chilly water,  and hike through beautiful river beds.  Of course the canyons are the main event, but we also offer workshops at basecamp and in the canyons for those who are looking to expand their skill set. Each evening (in addition to the food and great company) we have live music, nightly entertainment, and also host friendly competitions where competitors walk away with gear from our sponsors.  Have you heard about our gear raffle?  We are sponsored by the greatest companies who provide us with canyoneering gear, ropes, packs, and other swag to give away.  This gives us the chance to share our favorite pieces of gear with you and spread some love. 

The Rendezvous is open to ALL skill levels and experience.  We believe that the diversity among our participants creates the perfect atmosphere for our event. People who come to the rendezvous' have very different skill sets. This is to be expected. There are those who come to the rendezvous who are grateful for the evening meals, awesome swag bags, camaraderie of other canyoneers, etc. These individuals are very self motivated and generally have an idea of what they are wanting to tackle (by way of canyons) during the week. Then there are those who come that are newer to the sport, those who are looking for a little more guidance. And of course we have people who are in-between. Honestly this is what makes a rendezvous so fun.  But we have recognized that there are those who are wanting a little more structure and those who are wanting a little less structure. 

From newbie to canyon expert.. you will be glad you came.   

Memories have been created over the years that will last a lifetime. We are always researching and tweaking to try to make the next rendezvous even better than the last. Our staff of amazing people work hard to create an event unlike any other. 


We are excited for the upcoming spring rendezvous.  We work hard to run a smooth, organized, and laid back atmosphere.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!!


Courtney@darkhorseleadership.com    steve@darkhorseleadership.com


watch some footage from last year

 RENDEZVOUS--Sept 16th-20th 2020 

Basecamp at Hanksville City Park (Google Map below)

North Wash 2019-93.JPG


  • 3 Evening meals; Thursday-Saturday. Having hot meals at the end of an amazing canyon day is always something to look forward to (even better if you don't have to cook or clean). Finish your canyon, drop your gear, come and eat!! Our menu varies slightly each year but you can typically expect fajitas, or a "cafe rio" like salad/tacos/burritos, gourmet burgers loaded with your choice of pastrami, bacon and blue cheese, or pulled pork sandwiches.  We always end the Rendezvous with smoked prime rib. If you want hot breakfast as well, be sure to select the breakfast option when checking out for an extra $40.. totally worth it!

  • Evening entertainment and our gear raffle!  Many of our guests leave our Rendezvous with value in gear that exceeds the price of registration. (Ropes, packs, helmets, harnesses, devices, etc)

  • Canyon Beta- Never been to the North Wash? We have oversized maps and canyon beta on-site.

  • "Swag bag" includes; Rendezvous t-shirt and a lot of other 'stuff' from our sponsors

Fully Guided

Includes everything listed in the Standard Option (above) plus the following;

  • No experience necessary! Also a perfect option for those with some canyoneering experience looking to solidify and expand your technical skill-set. Come along for the beauty and convenience of a guided trip, or get engaged, ask questions, and learn as much as you're able to retain! 

  • Explore canyons in a small group with two ACE/ACA certified guides! A few hours will be spent on Thursday morning with Steven Jackson aka "Spidey" for a little canyoneering 101 course, getting familiar with the gear you are using, rigging basics, etc. After which, you will head into a canyon to apply your skills! Friday and Saturday will be spent exploring more canyons with your small group. In-canyon practice for those who are interested in learning and perfecting their canyon skills.

  • Far too many accidents occur each year in the canyons.. don't just be comfortable on your future canyon adventures.. be CONFIDENT! Knowledge is power. Having first hand experience and training for 3 days adds significant value to our Rendezvous with this option. 

  • No gear? No problem. We have everything that you will need. Want to try different rappel devices? We have a few favorites that we'd love to share, or can teach you how to use the one you've got.

  • Breakfast included each morning (Hot breakfast Thursday-Saturday, cold breakfast on Sunday). Includes pancakes, sausage, bacon, coffee, milk,  juice, yogurt, granola, oatmeal bar.

  • Additional items from our sponsors included in your swag bag; Osprey dry bag, North Face mug, etc.  You will also get a DarkHorse North Wash Rendezvous Hoodie. 


  • For those who want to come along for the comradery, entertainment, and to explore the natural wonders of the surrounding area, but don't want to go through canyons. You can relax back at camp, hang out or hike with other 'spectators' alike, or help shuttle a friend's canyon group if a back road dirt drive is your thing.

  • Evening dinners and a swag bag is included


  • Spectators will not be entered into gear raffle

  • Free camping with us at "basecamp" in Hanksville City Park

  • Don't want to worry about bringing your own breakfast?  Let us make the mess and clean it up.. Hot Breakfast + coffee, juice, yogurt, muffins, and oatmeal is available for an additional $40.  Be sure to add to your cart when you checkout!!

Registration Dates/Pricing:



Standard registration-- $159.00

Fully-guided registration-- $399.00

OPEN REGISTRATION -- Oct 5th- Apr 1st

Standard registration--$189.00

Fully guided registration--$499.00

I FORGOT REGISTRATION**- Apr 2nd to Apr 22nd

Standard registration--$249.00

Fully guided registration--$599.00

**Swag bag and shirt not guaranteed


Don't want to worry about bringing your own breakfast?  Let us make the mess and clean it up.. after all, you've got canyons to get into!! Hot Breakfast + coffee, juice, yogurt, muffins, and oatmeal is available for Thursday-Saturday at an additional $40.  Be sure to add to your cart when you checkout!!

If you are new to our event and have questions, visit the FAQ:



The rendezvous is a gathering of a bunch of like-minded, fun people WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEMSELVES. You are responsible for you, you are adults, unless you have kids, in which case you are responsible for them (not us!) THE INHERENT EXTREME RISKS IN TECHNICAL CANYONEERING, ROCK CLIMBING, HIKING AND GENERAL DESERT ACTIVITIES, ARE, BUT NOT LIMITED TO climbing, rappelling, hiking on steep terrain, cold water swimming, desert living, up and/or down climbing, stemming, chimneying, and other technical aspects of climbing and canyoneering and desert activities. YOU realize that those risks include, but are not limited to : death, falls from or contact with cliffs, rocks, deep slot canyons, slick rock, pot holes, bad decision-making, inattention of belayers or action of other participants, misuse or failure of equipment, anchors which may have become loose or damaged, and freakish accidents which cannot be foreseen. Again, you are responsible for you. The organizers (DarkHorse Leadership and Retreats LLC.)  of the event are just that, organizers. If you choose to canyoneer, you do it at your own risk and if you go into a canyon, you assume the risk and everyone with you assumes, you know what you are doing. HAVE FUN, BE SAFE AND DON’T END UP IN THE MEDIA!

Canyoneering Hub

The central location for all activities will be the Hanksville city park. Camping will be available for free!! (Courtesy of Darkhorse..) There are also various local accommodations from cowboy cabins to RV hookups located in Hanksville. We will be sending a list of these various local places and how to get in touch with them, to those who register for this event. 





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Contact #--801-853-8593


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